Bob van Santen was born in Amsterdam and started with photography during his years on school, when the school photo club was looking for new members. He joined and learned how to develop images in the photo darkroom before he even took a camera in his hand. With holiday jobs during his school years, he earned money to buy his first camera, the Russion Zenith reflex camera. But even with the new camera it took some years to develop his real interests in photography. After getting married, it al became clear when he and his wife started travelling. Travelling and photography became the perfect combination and he developed as a travel - and nature photographer. The Zenith is long gone, of course, and has been replaced by Canon equipment through the years.


With the name Beeldvlak, his first photobook has been published on Blurb. Beeldvlak comprises approx. 240 pages of travel - and nature photography. Captions and introduction are in the Dutch language. The book can be ordered at the site of Blurb.


Android users who might want to visit the website www.bobvansanten.com from an app, can download the "App van Santen", via the QR-code below. Please note that your Android device might block the download or installation because the app is not coming from Google Play. In that case, you need to change a setting to allow the download from another source.

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